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Patron Overdue Limitations Policy

November 1, 2013, Leanna Hicks Library Commission

Leanna Hicks Public Library Profiles for Patron Users limitations are as follows

  1. Privilege Limit: 3 years

  2. Overdue Threshold: 10 items

  3. Bill Threshold (total fines): $5.

  4. Charge Limit: 100 items

  5. Hold Limit: 15 items

All of the above are in keeping with the Library Network Ult-Lo-General User profile

Patrons being over the limits and or thresholds of items numbered 1, 2 & 3 will have their record marked "Blocked" until the items are corrected (Reinstated, Paid or Returned).

Users whose records are marked "Blocked" lose borrowing and computer privileges until their account is satisfied.

We extend the same borrowing privileges that other TLN libraries extend to us.

Register for your virtual Library Card
by clicking the link below!

Follow the prompts for a temporary, virtual library card.

If you would like a full access card, please schedule a time with the library by calling (313) 563-2822, press "0" to reach the Circulation Desk.

During your scheduled Library Card pick up time, you will need a valid government ID and proof of residency (a current bill with name and address matching the virtual registration) to complete the registration process.

Thank you for your patronage!

Register for your virtual Library Card HERE