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Earth Science

Dinosaur Pages: 
Loads of information on these popular creatures from the University of California
                           Museum of Paleontology.

Energy Information for Kids: 
The Energy Information Administration has a site just for kids
                                             explaining what energy is and where it comes from.

Energy Quest: 
This informative and graphically appealing introduction to energy from the California
                       Energy Commission includes games, puzzles, and science project experiments.

For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise: 
A well organized NASA site with a great deal of
                                                                information on earth science topics including air, land,
                                                                water, the water cycle, and natural hazards.


Making a Weather Station:
Learn all about weather-conditions, pressure, temperature, and make
                                           neat weather tools, from the Miami Museum of Science.

Rocks for Kids: 
Find out how to identify, collect, and do neat things with rocks.

Understanding Earthquakes:
A simple, animated introduction to earthquakes, some first hand
                                             accounts by famous people, and related links.

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Space Science

Club Space Place: 
ALSC has joined NASA in providing space-based activities for children that focus
                              on space and earth sciences, as well as recommended reading and related links.

NASA Kids: 
Learning about space sciences is fun at this site from NASA. With cool graphics, games,
                   projects, and news, this site seeks "to inform, inspire, and involve" children of all ages
                   and reading levels.

Star Child for Young Astronomers: 
NASA has created a site just for young astronomers.

Welcome to the Planets: 
A collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary
                                        exploration program.

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Life Science

ASPCA'S Animaland: A child-friendly, interactive site with information on careers working with
                                   animals, pet care, and general information about animals.
Biomes: Introductory information, graphic features, and printable coloring sheets appeal to children.
Cool Science for Kids: This appealing, activity-filled site all about biology was created by the Howard
                                    Hughes Medical Institute.
The Great Plant Escape: Elementary students help detective LePlant solve the mystery of plant life.
Human Body Adventure: Take an adventure through the human body.

Ranger Rick's Kid Zone: The Kids Page from the National Wildlife Federation features articles from
                                       their magazines for children, information on habitats and endangered
                                       species, games, and fun.

World Wildlife Fund Kid's Stuff: There are fact sheets on endangered species, an interactive
                                                   funhouse that teaches about biodiversity, games, and activities.
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Physical Science

Simple Machines: Definitions, demonstrations, and links to information about wheels and axles,
                              levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, and wedges, from the Franklin Institute.

The Soundry: An interactive web site about sound, covering everything from the most basic concepts
                      of what sound actually is to the specifics of how humans perceive it.

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Science Projects and General Science Sites
Did You Ever Wonder?: Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs answer profound questions.

Inventors Hall of Fame: Learn about inventions and the individuals who conceived them at this
                                      well designed and informative site.

Science a Go Go:
 A variety of current science news and hot topics are presented in a zany,
                             appealing way.

Science Fair Central: An easy to use and colorful site (sponsored by Discovery School,) with
                                   project ideas, helpful tips, and connections to the activities and ideas in
                                   the books by noted science project author, Janice VanCleave.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide: An IPL guide that provides basic steps in developing a
                                                            science project while providing a wealth of web links for
                                                            project ideas.

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