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Free to Dance: 
The profound impact of African American dance on the development of modern dance in America, from a PBS documentary.
PBS Online: 
Search for interesting and interactive sources from public television on the arts.
Sapphire Swan Dance Directory: 
Links to numerous dance styles from clogging to zydeco.
This Month in Dance History: 
Important moments in the history of dance, information, and
                                              many links to more resources.

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The Classical Music Shop: An archive of classical music mp3s.
Essentials of Music: Discover the major periods, composers, and sounds of classical music.
Music Online: African American Music Reference:  Comprehensive coverage of blues, jazz, spirituals, civil rights songs, slave songs, minstrelsy, rhythm and blues, gospel, and other forms of black American musical expression.
Jazz Kids: A PBS site that introduces jazz interactively to kids.
New York Philharmonic Kidszone: Learn about the orchestra, composers, and make your own

Play Music: Learn about the orchestra, meet young instrumentalists, and link to related sites.

San Francisco Kids Fun with Music: This appealing site will help you learn about music from
                                                         rhythm to the instruments in an orchestra.
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Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater: Tips, scripts, multicultural selections, and other resources.
Children's Theater:
 A student created site that introduces theater interactively.
Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made: The creative process of movie making is covered
                                                                   with interactive projects.
The Costumer's Manifesto: Search for costumes by historical period, occupation, region, and more.
Justin's Theatre Links:Thousands of theatre links from across the globe.

The Puppetry Home page: How to use puppets, their variety, exhibits, performances, stages,
                                           and more.
Theatre History on the Web: A comprehensive source for information and links on the history of
                                             theater and related sources.
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Visual Arts

Artcyclopedia: A vast array of articles and online resources in the fine arts.
Discovering Contemporary Art: A children's guide from the Museum of Contemporary Art in
                                                 San Diego?

Explore and Learn: New ways to see and experience the collections of the Metropolitan
                                 Museum of Art and a timeline of art history.

Hands on Crafts:
 This highly animated site, a collaboration between a public library and a
                           museum, offers a variety of interactive craft projects.
National Gallery of Art Kids: Learn about famous art and artists, and explore the sculpture
                                             garden with Lizzy and Gordon.

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